DUI Checkpoints in California Now Available on 888-DUI-HOTLine’s Social Media Pages


DUI CheckpointsCalifornia’s leading network of DUI Attorneys, 888duiHotline.com, has started to post DUI Checkpoints on its Facebook and Twitter pages. DUI Checkpoints are posted in real time and the information is consolidated from County Sheriff news releases and other sources.

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DUI Attorney explains a DUI Arrest in Los Angeles

After you’ve been charged with a DUI, the arresting officer will give you a “suspension revocation order and temporary driver license” form.  You have 10 days after receiving this form to request a DMV hearing. Once the DMV hearing officer determines that the arrest was lawful and that you had above .08% BAC (blood alcohol content) according to your body weight, a court date, called an arraignment, will be set. Hiring a DUI attorney to guide you through this process is the best way to avoid jail time for drunk driving.. Most people Continue reading

DUI Attorney explains DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoints and Your Rights

 DUI checkpoints were introduced by the Michigan State Police in 1986 to combat drunk driving, but were later outlawed by the Michigan courts. The case was brought to the U.S. Supreme Court, which declared DUI checkpoints legal on a federal level, in 1990. Over 38 states use sobriety checkpoints as of February 2013. These checkpoints pop up on weekends, New Years Eve and Super Bowl Sunday, although they may be used whenever local law enforcement sees fit. Law enforcement sees DUI checkpoints as a tool to reduce accidents by drunk drivers and save lives. Continue reading

DUI Attorney | Why you should choose a DUI Attorney


1. Complete assessment of your case with all possible defenses explored:

  1. In every case the DUI Attorney/ Specialist will assess the effect of the DUI on you, your family, your job and your future.
  2. In every case all aspects of the case from 24 hours before the stop through the present will be explored by the DUI specialist.
  3. In every case your complete criminal history will be explored in order to assess the best and worst sentencing options. Continue reading