How a Riverside DUI Attorney can Represent You

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is undoubtedly looked upon poorly by the general public and by law enforcement. Not only is this activity illegal, it puts you and others you share the road with in great danger. In the past, many innocent people have been hurt and even killed because of the negligence of a driver who was impaired. If you have been arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated, you’re going to need a riverside dui attorney.

There are several different ways a DUI attorney can represent you. The first is to challenge the authenticity of the test results that indicated you were driving while intoxicated. There has been a great deal of controversy about the validity of field sobriety tests, and there has also been a number of different problems with poorly calibrated breathalyzers. As these are the two main instruments used by police officers to determine whether you’ve been drinking, an attorney can oftentimes attack these two methods. He can argue these methods likely employed in order to arrest you for DUI were unreliable or completely inaccurate.

There are situations where the evidence against you is difficult to get around. In these cases, a DUI attorney may take a different approach, and try to paint you in the best light possible. Their job is made a great deal easier if this is the first time you have been arrested for DUI. The chances are good that even though you will suffer some consequences from being arrested and charged with DUI, you won’t likely receive the stiffest penalties possible if you’re lawyer does his or her job properly. You may not get off completely from the charges of DUI, but the consequences should be less severe than if you were a repeat offender.

In any case, whether it’s challenging the results of field sobriety and breathalyzer tests or trying to present their clients in the best possible light to reduce the consequences of being convicted of DUI, an attorney is an invaluable resource. When you consider the possible consequences of being convicted, you won’t even consider spending one minute inside a courtroom without being represented by a DUI lawyer.

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