DUI Attorney explains a DUI Arrest in Los Angeles

After you’ve been charged with a DUI, the arresting officer will give you a “suspension revocation order and temporary driver license” form.  You have 10 days after receiving this form to request a DMV hearing. Once the DMV hearing officer determines that the arrest was lawful and that you had above .08% BAC (blood alcohol content) according to your body weight, a court date, called an arraignment, will be set. Hiring a DUI attorney to guide you through this process is the best way to avoid jail time for drunk driving.. Most people

DUI Checkpoints on Facebook

DUI Checkpoints on Facebook

select a private attorney, but if you are short on cash, you can choose a public defender or represent yourself. Public defenders are often overworked and do not have the resources of a private DUI attorney.  A defendant must be broke and have no assets to qualify for a public defender. Very few people acting as their own counsel get satisfactory results in court; they are ill-equipped to interpret California DUI law or respond professionally to a judge or prosecutor.  If you’re unsure of where to find a competent DUI lawyer, a the DUI Hotline can help, call 888-DUI-HOTLine.

A DUI attorney gives you advice, not only in your current situation, but on how to protect yourself  from DUI charges in the future. Your lawyer may suggest you enter an alcohol treatment program if you are a repeat offender. This treatment result in more lenient sentence, as it shows you’re taking a pro-active approach. You’ll enter a guilty or no guilty plea during your arraignment.

Your DUI lawyer will speak to the other parties in the case. He’ll know what to ask, and where to find significant information to be presented on your behalf.  Your lawyer will check out all the evidence, interpreting breath test results, field sobriety tests and possible causes for impaired driving other than  DUI.  All of these points may seem confusing to you but an experienced DUI attorney knows the ins and outs of state laws and will use it to your advantage.

As recent news stories indicate, defendants in court have received harsh reprimands or sentences from judges for outbursts or other inappropriate behavior.  Men should wear a suit or dress shirt and pants. Women should wear a dress, skirt and blouse or a pantsuit. All DUI defendants should arrive for court well-rested and well-groomed. This is a sign of respect. And judges notice it. It shows that you are taking the proceedings seriously.   Even when the prosecution speaks harshly about you, it is important to maintain your composure. Any rough language or defiant behavior will place you in a bad light with the court. .

Many factors affect the outcome of your DUI hearing – you may not have control over some of them, but a Los Angeles DUI attorney can prevent you from going to jail or having your license suspended. You may receive a lighter sentence, like community service (washing police cars, picking up trash) or have you case dismissed by the court. Prepare for your DUI arraignment with a good attorney and a good attitude, and you are more likely to put the DUI arrest behind you and resume your normal routine.

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