DUI Attorney explains DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoints and Your Rights

 DUI checkpoints were introduced by the Michigan State Police in 1986 to combat drunk driving, but were later outlawed by the Michigan courts. The case was brought to the U.S. Supreme Court, which declared DUI checkpoints legal on a federal level, in 1990. Over 38 states use sobriety checkpoints as of February 2013. These checkpoints pop up on weekends, New Years Eve and Super Bowl Sunday, although they may be used whenever local law enforcement sees fit. Law enforcement sees DUI checkpoints as a tool to reduce accidents by drunk drivers and save lives.

Laws involving driver behavior at DUI checkpoints vary from state to state. Most California drivers don’t know that they can legally drive away from a DUI checkpoint in that state if they don’t want to stop and suffer no consequences. Police must use the same search procedure for each vehicle.

Your charge can be dismissed by the court for several reasons:

  •  There’s no clear  exit route from the checkpoint
  •  No warning signs  precede the checkpoint
  • Officers failed to provide proper supervision for the roadblock

A  California DUI attorney is familiar with these and other legal ramification of DUI checkpoints. When a trained attorney handles your case, he or she will examine your situation and determine the validity of the checkpoint operation and whether or not you were driving erratically at the time for a reason other than intoxication, like fatigue or illness.

It’s important to find a DUI lawyer with experience in defending drivers who’ve been charged with drunk driving. Finding the right attorney for you DUI case can be daunting. Randomly picking a name from a website is risky – without sufficient research, you never know what sort of representation you’ll get.  That’s where 888-DUI-HOTLine can make the difference between choosing a good DUI attorney and one who’s merely going through the motions. Call 888-DUI-HOTLine to speak with a DUI Attorney and get the information you need to defend your DUI charges.

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