DUI HotLine | DMV Hearings | 10 day Deadline!

You must request a DMV hearing within 10 days of you arrest or you will automatically have your license suspended by the DMV after you 30 day temporary license expires.

At DMV hearings we are fighting to keep the DMV from suspending your right to drive in California. We are highly experienced in DMV hearings and can win your DMV hearing to save your license.

In most cases, our clients will not be needed at DMV hearings.  We win these hearings through technical legal argument.

We, in essence, fight to keep documentation out of the hearings.  If we are successful in these arguments we tend to win the hearing.  If we win the DMV hearing than your license will not be suspended after the hearing.

If we lose the DMV hearing your license will be temporarily suspended.  In many cases, however, we can shorten drivers license suspensions and to get you a restricted license, allowing you to drive for work so you can get on with your life. 

In rare cases, we will ask our clients to testify in order to win the DMV hearing.  In these cases you should not be concerned.  You will have an experienced attorney explaining the process to you and fighting for you when you testify at the DMV hearing.

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