DUI Attorney | Why you should choose a DUI Attorney


1. Complete assessment of your case with all possible defenses explored:

  1. In every case the DUI Attorney/ Specialist will assess the effect of the DUI on you, your family, your job and your future.
  2. In every case all aspects of the case from 24 hours before the stop through the present will be explored by the DUI specialist.
  3. In every case your complete criminal history will be explored in order to assess the best and worst sentencing options.

    DUI Checkpoints on Facebook

    DUI Checkpoints on Facebook

2. Fees based on experience and volume:

  1. No need to research each case for legal principles that are used in many cases.
  2. Fees are set with the expectation of passing on savings for group activities.
  3. Years of specialized practice eliminate many of the costs that result in higher fees.

3. Familiarity with the “system”:

  1. Each court has its own peculiar way of doing things that a DUI specialist will know and use to your advantage.
  2. The prosecutors, Judges and probation officers are familiar with the DUI specialist and have established relationships with them.
  3. Each county has a unique DUI program, method of license suspension, etc. that the DUI specialist will be familiar with.

4. Ability to work with Departments of Motor Vehicles:

  1. The DUI specialist will be able to read a driving record, a skill very few people can claim.
  2. The DUI specialist will be able to handle a License Suspension appeal, particularly a chemical test refusal.
  3. The DUI specialist is familiar with the appointed staff at the DMV in order to competently handle other Driver licensing problems that may result from your DUI.

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